March 28, 2010

Play of Words

Preloved - recently came through this usage as a polite way of saying second hand.

I really liked it and the play of words does make such a difference !!

March 22, 2010

The Notice !!

One fine evening, we find a notice slipped under our door. On first glance it seems like someone had parked the cycle somewhere it shouldn't have been......on a closer look the picture seems familiar..Yes !!!..Pranav has exactly the same cycle...Wow ! Closer look reveals that the shoe rack beside the cycle also look like I am interested to read it fully !
Oops !!! the notice is actually directed to us meant to tell that we should not park the cycle outside our house so as to enable the maintenance person to do his cleaning job properly. Phew !!! a formal notice with photo..... for this !! Quite good use of the candid camera !! 

We are thanking our stars that they did not put this notice on the common notice board :-)

In India ..someone would have just pressed the doorbell (irrespective of the time of day and only if someone had bothered about having difficulty in cleaning !).....Here, we read the notice twice just to make sure that they were not levying any fine on us ...(By now we know that Singapore is a FINE place !! )

Well ! on one hand we were happy that the apartment is in good hands but we have also got suspicious whether they were cleaning the area outside our house for the first time in 2.5 months :-D (the cycle has been proudly parked at the same place since we shifted 2.5 months back !).
As soon as Pranav and his Nani came home after playing downstairs, he hurried to get the cycle inside the house (having already seen the photo and being explained by Nani what the notice meant). We are still deciding on a place to park inside the house :-) Currently it is adding charm to the drawing room decor !

Mera Wala Pink !

Shot with Cannon 500D at the Taman Rama Rama (Butterfly Park in Malay) in Kuala Lampur on 16-Feb-10

March 18, 2010

Holi 2010


We were invited to a week late Holi celebrations organized by Marwari mitra mandal in Singapore. 

Holi is generally celebrated in the neighbourhood with family and friends, so we felt a little awkward at the thought of formally going to a place to play holi with strangers. Still, we decided to go thinking at least Pranav will enjoy with his pichkari. When we reached the venue in Katong we were surprised to hear bollywood songs blaring and large crowd already immersed in colours.

As usual, Pranav cried whenever someone put colour on him but started to enjoy when everybody else was done. There were stalls with several Indian delights and we relished the Jalebis and dahi badas and samosas and aloo-poori (that too without onlion and garlic !)

Now....after being drenched in water and colours, we realized that we hadn't brought any change of clothes..oops !. We did not want everyone to stare at us in public transport so we tried stopping a cab, fearing that he might refuse to take us in....but thankfully he got us in and was quite interested in knowing about the festival, why it is celebrated ,what kind of colours were used , how these colours were made etc. Generally, the cab drivers are very friendly and often try to strike a conversation. 

At home, after having a wash we realized (too much of realizations today !) that the colours didn't come off fully and we all had to field questions in office/school the next day on why we were looking so 'pink'. Kapil still has pink toe nails and cannot step out of house without socks :-))

In all a great experience !!

March 03, 2010

No Brainer !

We recently got to know about a Painting hobby class in our neighborhood community center and thought of checking it out for Pranav. When we enquired at the reception he told us that a class is currently running and we can have a look. Expecting many children in there and with no intention of disturbing them, we opened the class door slowly.

Two small children and a teacher greeted us. We were little disappointed (seeing so less strength) and somewhat happy (that our child will get individual attention). Anyways, we talked to the teacher and assured her that Pranav will join in from next week (which Pranav out rightly rejected).

Back at the reception, this conversation follows:

Reception: Classes are run in 6 batches and we take full amount in advance. You have already missed 2 classes.
We:  So can we pay for 4 classes and join ?
R:  No
We: So can Pranav attend 4 classes now and 2 more classes afterwards ?
R: No

We: Well, then we would not like to pay for 6 classes and attend only 4.

Wow....that was a No Brainer !!! Why were we even trying to rake our brains for options !