August 17, 2010

Scared wit !

In a flick of a second I have so many thoughts - I am losing it really, I am getting mechanical here, I should do some puzzles or sudoku to keep my brain working. How could it happen again !

I know that I have a tendency of boarding wrong trains or getting off at wrong stops but this time I had been very careful. Today, I remembered that I had to take the train in opposite side of my I carefuly suppressed my involuntary movement towards the home bound train. Then I studied that of the two, which train should I board,decided on one, re-checked and boarded.

After a while I realized it was announcing (and even blinking on the map), the next station to be the homebound one !

It wasn't the fear of going in the wrong direction (it's no big deal ..I could have gotten down anywhere and taken the train from opposite platform !) but the fear of what could be wrong with me. I am aghast ! I cannot believe this was happening !

I got down as soon as the train stopped, saw around and suddenly - it was my moment of deja vu! I heaved a sigh of relief...It's not 'demnetia' after all ! I am exactly where I intended to be......glitches do happen here too ;-) (though it was the first one in my 8 months of extensive usage of public transport here)

Wait...could it be that the announcement was a figment of my imagination ! Did someone plant it in my mind ! Uhh....C'mon...I haven't even watched 'Inception' yet !

August 04, 2010

Movie watching in Gurgaon: 10 years back

Once upon a time in Gurgaon...there were no swanky malls and no multiplexes. We did not own a mobile nor a computer ! There were only some pathetic cinema halls called 'Jai' and 'Paras' which did not even advertise the movies playing !
Motivated by urge of seeing a movie and too lazy to go to Delhi...My friend Ms EA called a 'restaraunt'(Yes you heard that right):

EA: Are you from Santushti ?
S: Yes mam
EA: Is there a cinema hall called Jai nearby
S: Yes mam
EA: can you tell which movie is playing there
S: Mam...chori chori chupke chupke
EA: Oh when did this one release...who is the cast ?
S: Ummm mam... salman khan..preity zinta
EA: what time is the next show
S: mam 3:30
EA: Oh it is already there a long queau at the ticket window ?
S: umm Mam...may I know who are you ?
EA: How dare you ask me does this matter to you...if you don't want to give any info then you say so ! BANG !!!

EA to me.... C'mon run ..the show starts in 10 min..let's catch a rickshaw fast.
This was 10 years back !

 Today: Tap iphone app or open site...choose movie, date, time and seats, pay. Wait for the movie day.
I let you chose which one is FUN ?